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A Bohemian Engagement Shoot

Think wild, bohemian, rustic. That was the idea of Jayn's (she is a floral artisan!) engagement shoot. Seann and Jayn wanted the pictures to be different, to portray their unique personality. So we sought out to look for the less-visited places in metropolitan Singapore.

Our afternoon started like this.

Fortunately, the light rain started to ease out, creating an overcast, white gloomy glow for most of our shoot. We knew our hopes for any magical golden light that evening was going to be slim.

Abandoned yet accessible buildings (too bad the doors and windows are all locked). This wasn't even part of the originally-scouted locations! The time-tight schedule with the light drizzle forced us to find shelter to start the shoot, and we were just driving around the area when we spotted this.

The rain soon stopped completely, and rays of light was peeking through the clouds!

As the weather improved, we quickly moved away from the shelter and on to our nature walks.

This led to the capture of probably my favourite shot of the day. I loved the contrast between the shadows of the trees in the background and the soft light that was peeking through the foliage.

Getting into location for the following shots was not easy. With Jayn's flowy white gown and Seann's nicely-brushed dress shoes, we had to be really careful not to step into mud puddles or potholes. So glad they did it, and I thank the couple for their courage!

And it's a wrap! The bride designed and pieced together her own bouquet, and just look at how gorgeous that is!

Nature shoots in tropical Singapore, it is going to be warm, humid and buggy. But if you love a little adventure in the less-explored, drop me a note!

Stay tuned for the coverage of their Wedding Day! Follow me on FB and IG for latest updates!

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